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From the Film Score In Reverse Series

A high definition interactive video enhancement for The Spanish Trail Suite

The Old Spanish Trail became the fifteenth national historic trail when Congress adopted S. 1946 in November and President George W. Bush signed the bill early in December 2002.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a presentation like this at the concert as opposed to just playing the Spanish Trail Suite Music?

Research shows that audiences today expect more than a traditional symphonic concert. With the competition of movies, theatre, cable television and rock-concerts audiences, especially the younger audiences you want to attract, are used to and expect to be "entertained". The Spanish Trail Suite is like going to a movie and having a live orchestra play the sound-track. It’s especially moving and will attract a demographic that would not normally attend a traditional symphonic concert. The Spanish Trail Suite music alone is available for lease without the video enhancement but your audience will appreciate your desire to give them a "live" performance experience they will never forget by using the high definition video along with your performance.

Where do the pictures and images used in this presentation come from?

All the video footage used in this presentation was taken along various locations in southern Utah along the Spanish trail. Photos used in this presentation are from various photographers, museums, photo historical archives and personal private photo collections.

How does this presentation differ from a power point or slide show?

This presentation is a High Definition presentation featuring sweeping fly-overs, re-created historical scenes and photos taken for locations that are "off the beaten path" and in hidden locations and at elevations not easily accessible by the general public The video and photos are put together and are sequenced to the live performance of the orchestra giving the audience the opportunity to experience a cinematic movie with a live orchestra performing the "perfectly timed" soundtrack. A power point or slide show cannot even begin to offer the same visual experience for the audience.

What all does the rental include?

The rental includes the laptop computer to use backstage complete with the software for cueing and a fire-wire raid hard-drive with all the high definition video footage, the training DVD and the conductor score marked with all the cue points.

What do I have to supply for the performance?

A person to follow the score and sequence the video to the live performance and one or more video projectors and screens for the audience and appropriate length VGA cable(s) to run from the backstage computer to the video projector. You may also want to provide a DVD player and monitor to use in the lobby for the "preview" of the Spanish Trail Suite DVD you may offer for sale to the audience as an additional profit source for the orchestra.

How does the operator cueing the presentation practice?

We have provided a DVD, which contains a full performance of the Spanish Trail Suite being cued following the score in exactly the same way it will be cued during your live performance. We suggest running the presentation on the computer and practice cueing it while playing the training DVD. The operator can cue the actual presentation running on the supplied backstage laptop computer to the music playing on the DVD and watch as the operator on the DVD is cuing it along with them.

How many times can we perform "The Spanish Trail Suite" using the presentation for my rental fee?

This is negotiated prior to execution of the contract and is specified in the rental agreement.

What are the payment arrangements?

We require a 10% deposit of the rental fee upon completion and execution of the rental agreement to hold the dates. Approximately 2 or 3 weeks before the performance 50% of your balance is to be paid and upon receipt of that payment the performance package is sent to you. The balance of the rental is to be paid and the performance package materials returned to Video Ideas the next business day after the performance.

You may also choose to have any number of the Spanish Trail Suite DVD’s sent to you on consignment for sale at your performance. After the concert you will return the un-sold DVD’s along with payment for all the DVD’s you sold.

Is there special rental pricing available to smaller orchestras?

Each rental agreement is negotiated based on the size of the orchestra, the size of the audience or venue and the number of performances. We would like to make the presentation available to all size orchestras and markets. We will consider special pricing on a case-by-case basis.

What can you do to help me market and publicize the performance?

We offer use of screen shots from the video performance, help in wording to describe the performance and use of the presentation, examples of flyers and marketing materials used for past performances and can even offer a 30-second TV spot at a nominal charge for advertising your performance edited with the dates and times of your performance and ready to send to your local TV stations for air.

What can help me pay for this production?

1) Orchestras have found that it is a much easier task to find "corporate" and other forms of sponsorship for this program because of its uniqueness. Because of the this programs ability to attract new and younger audiences sponsors will more likely help fund this type of performance.

2) Retail-ready packaged copies of the Spanish Trail Suite DVD can be sent to you on consignment. You can sell it at your concert for $25 and it only costs you $15.00. By running the "promo" for this DVD in the lobby as other orchestras have done, hundreds of dollars can be raised through sales of this fully loaded DVD program.
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