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A high definition interactive video enhancement for The Spanish Trail Suite

The Old Spanish Trail became the fifteenth national historic trail when Congress adopted S. 1946 in November and President George W. Bush signed the bill early in December 2002.



... As the music of the second half of the concert echoed the magical sonorities many listeners first experienced two years ago, all marveled at images included as part of a special new video enhancement for the "Suite."

Twenty-first-century visual technology thus amplified the artistry of music played still on classical instruments familiar to Mozart and Handel.

The imagery projected on screens above the orchestra was indeed haunting: mysterious petroglyphs inscribed on red-rock cliffs; tortured branches silhouetted against an empty desert sky; a lonely falcon soaring in tireless vigil above a harsh landscape of cacti and mesquite.

But it was finally the marvelous music that carried the evening. From the plaintive sweetness of a Native American flute hailing the dawn to the sweet campfire serenade of a fiddler calling pioneer couples to dance, "The Spanish Trail Suite" wonderfully reflects the complex natural and human dynamics of the American Southwest...

(excerpt from concert review by Bryce Christensen)

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