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From the Film Score In Reverse Series

A high definition interactive video enhancement for The Spanish Trail Suite

The Old Spanish Trail became the fifteenth national historic trail when Congress adopted S. 1946 in November and President George W. Bush signed the bill early in December 2002.


Performance Licensing of the
Spanish Trail Suite Interactive Video

The Spanish Trail Suite is available for performance licensing. The cost is based on orchestra size and rating, the size of the audience and the number of performances.

What is included in the package:

  • The computer for backstage cueing and software application. Running this application back stage requires a simple computer set-up supplied by Video Ideas. The set-up includes a MacBook Pro Laptop computer, a software package used for sequencing the performance and a high speed external 800MBs firewire hard-drive raid for the high definition video scenes.
  • The Spanish Trail Suite score marked with all the cue points with thumbnails for visual reference for all the cues.
  • A "training" DVD which contains all the movements being sequenced to the music. You will see a person following the score, cueing the sequence while watching a monitor playing back the video scenes. This allows the user to watch the DVD and listening to the musical performance and "sequence" the application on the backstage laptop as practice.
  • A "preview" DVD of the Spanish Trail Suite DVD as a POP demonstrating all the "bonus features" and historical information on the retail DVD that you can sell on consignment in the lobby as an additional source of profit for your orchestra.
  • Phone support for performance issues and advice.
  • Other support materials as a guide to help publicize and market your performance.
If you are interested in licensing the Spanish Trail Suite, please contact Jerry Waddel at 423-894-2677 or .

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