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From the Film Score In Reverse Series

A high definition interactive video enhancement for The Spanish Trail Suite

The Old Spanish Trail became the fifteenth national historic trail when Congress adopted S. 1946 in November and President George W. Bush signed the bill early in December 2002.


How it works.

The presentation is one of the "film score in reverse" series by Video Ideas Productions to help orchestras attract new and larger audiences. The presentation consists of a number of high definition video scenes. Each scene is designed to play back at a particular place in the music that matches the mood and pace of the music. These scenes consist of magnificent sunrises, sunsets, time-lapse scenes, ground-level helicopter fly-overs, recreated historical scenes, archival and historical photographs and photos of petroglyths and pictographs found "off the beaten path" in southern Utah.

The backstage sequencing consists of simply following the conductor score during the live performance and pressing a button at the cue points marked with thumbnails in the score and the presentation immediately does a transition to the next scene in the sequence – timed perfectly to the live symphonic performance.

Also included in the video presentation if you want to use them during your live performance are short segments featuring the composers talking about the music the audience is about to hear, what the inspiration was behind the music for the movement and how it was composed. These 3 to 4 minute segments can be played at the beginning of each movement giving the audience an insight into the music and something to anticipate and listen for. This adds a dimension to the performance that increases audiences enjoyment and appreciation for the music. These segments are included and you can make the decision to use them or not use them along with the high definition video scenes during your live performance.

The result? The audience has the experience of an incredible cinematic movie in high definition sequenced precisely to your live performance of the music – film score in reverse! An experience that they will never forget.

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